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History of Fairview Fire Protection District

The Fairview Fire Protection District has a long and proud history since being formed in 1938.

fire department historyThe Fairview Fire Protection District (the “District”) is an independent special fire district in Alameda County; organized under the provisions of the California Health and Safety Code. The District’s goal is to provide fire protection service to its residents. Such services include fire prevention through code enforcement and education, as well as fire suppression. The District also provides emergency medical services at the Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) level.

The District has contracted with the City of Hayward since 1993 to provide fire protection and emergency medical services within the boundaries of the District. Under the contract, the City of Hayward also takes care of weed abatement complaints within the District.

The District operates out of a staffed fire station located at: 25862 Five Canyons Parkway, Castro Valley, 94552.   This fire station is known as “Fire Station 8” within the Hayward Fire Department system.   The District also occupies a fire station at 24200 Fairview Avenue, which is not staffed & used primarily for equipment storage and training.

In addition, the Hayward Fire Department staffs a second fire station in the District:  Fire Station 9 is located at 24912 Second Street, Hayward, CA. A minimum of three (3) Firefighters staff  both Station 8 and Station 9 around the clock, at least one firefighter at each station is an accredited paramedic.
These two fire stations each has a public access red 911 emergency phone with direct line to Hayward’s Communication Center.

The Fairview Fire Protection District owns & maintains three (3) firefighting vehicles:

  • Engine 605 Type VI – 2008 Ford F550 4 x 4 @ FS2 reserve
  •  Engine 609 Type VI – 2020 Ford 550 4 x 4 @FS9
  • Engine 308 2020 Type III Engine, International/Boise Mobile Equipment @FS8
  • Engine 8 2014/Type I Engine/Pumper, Manufacturer: Seagrave @FS8
  •  Engine 303 2009 Type III Engine, Westmark/International @FS3 reserve
  •  Ranger Crew XP 1000, 2021 Polaris (off road rescue)n. @FS8

Fire Department History Photos
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