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Serving the Fairview and Five Canyons Communities

Fairview Fire Protection District (FFPD) provides fire and emergency medical services to the Fairview & Five Canyons communities of Alameda County, California. The FFPD has been proudly serving the public since 1938 when it was founded as a volunteer fire department. It has a proud history of ensuring that the Fairview Fire Protection District has the best fire and emergency medical service available, and prides itself on providing state of the art firefighting and lifesaving equipment.

The FFPD is governed by a five‐member elected Board of Directors each serving a four year term. The Fire Chief of the fire department with which the FFPD contracts oversees the general operations of the District in accordance with the policy direction prescribed by the Board of Directors. The District’s service area encompasses 4.2 square miles.  Within the boundaries of the District are expansive rural wildland areas, single‐family homes, multi‐family residential complexes, agricultural, and equestrian areas.  The total population served by the District in 2014 exceeded 14,000.

Property taxes provide most of the funding for the FFPD, with other revenue sources including a special tax for basic emergency medical services and interest income.  Total income for the year ending June 30, 2022 was $3.87 million. An annual audit presents a complete statement of the District’s finances.

The Fairview Fire Protection District is an independent Special District as defined under the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, Health and Safety Code, Section 13800, of the State of California.

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 Fairview &  Five Canyons Communities