Board of Directors

Fairview Fire Protection District

Fairview Fire District Board

Melissa Dimic
current term 2021-2024

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and grew up in San Leandro. In 2012 my husband and I purchased our first home in Fairview. We have three young children and love raising them in this unique rural-urban area. We enjoy the closeness of the community up here. I previously worked at the Social Security Administration before I decided to become a full-time stay at home mom.  With a growing family I wanted to join the board to be more involved in the community where I am raising my children. I look forward to meeting more of the community while serving on the board.



Fairview Fire District Board VP

Michael Justice
Vice President
current term 2023-2026

I have lived in Fairview since 1996, attracted to the country lifestyle still possible in the Bay Area. I understand the needs of my Fairview neighbors and am dedicated to serve these neighbors. As a member of the Board, I can assure the community that they are being heard without compromise to the superior fire and emergency services provided and incorporating the Board’s strategic vision.

Fairview Fire District Board VP

Sarah Choi
Assistant Vice President
current term 2021-2024

I have been a resident of Fairview since 2002 when my husband and I moved to Five Canyons.  We enjoy the area so much we have made several moves since but remained in the Fairview district boundaries.  I believe in a strong community and neighbors working together and looking out for one another and was glad to have the opportunity to serve my local community by sitting on the Fairview Fire Protection District Board.  The rural and often dry nature of our local hills demand special attention and our small but strong Fire District is an important part of the Fairview community.  I am an attorney and when I am not at work I can most likely be found at one of my children’s sporting events.  I hope I get the opportunity to meet more local residents at one of our Board meetings.

Mark McDaniel
current term 2021-2024

I’ve lived in Five Canyons for almost thirty years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve walked every street of Five Canyons—literally—and I’m thoroughly invested in this community. I’ve also hiked a good number of the trails, including the fire trails of Five Canyons and Fairview. This beautiful scenery demands not only appreciation, but vigilance. When a need opened on the board, I jumped at the opportunity. I look forward to continued service to the Fairview Fire Protection District.

Robert “Bob” Clark
current term 2023-2026

I retired in 2010 as a low-voltage Engineer and Prime Contractor for and with Comcast, AT&T and Georgia Power Company in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved from Georgia to Fairview in 2011 when I married Brenda, who has been a property owner in the Fairview community for 36 years. I have grown to love this community and value the unique residential/rural aspects of Fairview.  I have been active with the Hayward Hills Property Owners Association, a regular attendee of Nate Miley’s Fairview Stakeholders meetings and represented community issues and concerns before the WBZA and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.  I have also been active in reviewing our CA State Regulations concerning our septic systems and Accessory Dwelling Units, served on the Fairview MAC Formation Committee and on a Committee to review the Standards for the Keeping of Animals in Fairview. I have had ongoing input in updating the Fairview Area Specific Plan, scheduled to be approved by Alameda County Board of Supervisors in Spring, 2021.  I am dedicated to fire safety and protection for our citizenry and am honored to serve our community as a member of the FFPD Board of Directors..

Michael Preston
General Manager

After a 31-year career in the Fire Service, I retired as Fire Chief from the City of Newark. I served as a Director on the Fairview Fire Protection District Board from 2010 -2012. I moved to Castro Valley after living 36 years in Fairview and was no longer able to serve on the Board. From 2013-2016, as a Fire Services Consultant, I was contracted to work for the District to provide professional and administrative support. In 2017 I was hired as part time General Manager.  To contact me send email  to

The Fairview Fire Protection District, Board of Directors is elected by the residents of Fairview, a California Special District. The Board is comprised of five Directors that must reside within the Fairview District. Any resident of the Fairview district can participate in meetings, activities and run for board seats during elections cycles or when a vacancy is created by a resignation.

Regular Board meetings are held every other month, typically on Monday evenings near the last Monday of the month. Please refer to the calendar page for board meetings, community meetings and events. The public’s attendance and participation is welcome.

Anyone attending a Fairview Fire Protection District board meeting wishing to speak on an item that appears on the agenda should fill out a speaker card. The President or board member leading the meeting will call your name when your agenda item is being considered. Please state your name for the record. Each speaker is allowed 3 minutes.

There is also a public comment period, which provides an opportunity for citizens to address the board on items not listed on the agenda. The board welcomes your comments under this section during the meeting, but is prohibited by State law from discussing items not on the agenda. You are welcome to write the board at least 1 week in advance of the next board meeting to suggest items for the next – scheduled agenda for board discussion and deliberation.

The board is governed by the Brown Act and Ethics training in conducting public meetings.

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