About Fairview Fire Protection District

Serving the Fairview and Five Canyons Communities

Fire District Mission Statement

fairview fire, hayward fire, castro valley fire, department, office, agencyThe Fairview Fire Protection District (FFPD) is dedicated to upholding its traditions of rapid response in responding to fire and medical/advanced life support emergencies, and initial response service for hazardous materials calls. The District encourages safety and prevention through assessment, education, and outreach to our unique rural‐urban interface community. FFPD’s mission includes the following priorities: providing the best possible fire and medical emergency services for the Fairview community; enhancing ongoing internal and external communications; community outreach and engagement; collaboration and partnerships; and sound fiscal and resource management.

fairview fireOur Vision Statement

As the only locally controlled and elected entity representing the residents of the Fairview Fire Protection District, we seek to be leaders in providing public safety and emergency services to the local community. We strive to provide the highest level of service while ensuring fiscal sustainability for the betterment of the District and our entire community.

FFPD Core Values

  • State‐of‐the‐art emergency and fire service
  • Community independence
  • Interagency cooperation
  • Responsiveness
  • Communication

These values are reinforced by the commitment of each Director to continue to live by the following value‐based statements:

  • We model respectful and professional teamwork
  • We communicate to each other and the public in a timely and transparent fashion
  • We comply with the Brown Act and the Fire Protection District Law of 1987
  • We listen to, care about, and have compassion for the community
  • We actively seek community involvement

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Fairview and Five Canyons communities are served by the

Fairview Fire Protection District