About Fairview Fire Protection District

Serving the Fairview and Five Canyons Communities


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The District’s mission is to provide rapid, effective response to fire and medical/advanced life support emergencies and initial response to hazardous materials incidents; to encourage safety and prevention through assessment, education, and outreach; and to ensure fiscal sustainability for the betterment of the District and the Fairview and Five Canyons communities.

 Core Values

The Fairview Fire Protection District Board and staff approach this mission with the following values:

  • Innovative, state-of-the-art emergency services – We continuously evaluate our performance and seek improvement, so we can provide the highest quality services to our residents
  • Community independence – We value local control of fire safety and finances
  • Interagency cooperation – We communicate and work closely with our neighboring jurisdictions
  • Responsiveness – We engage with our constituents regularly and seek to promptly and effectively address community issues that arise
  • Transparency – We are open and accountable, with an emphasis on fiscal transparency


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Fairview and Five Canyons communities are served by the

Fairview Fire Protection District