Thurston Court/Lori Way gate Project is complete.


These are some of the facts you should be aware of:

The Thurston Gate can be opened by

  • The Fire Department personnel using a keypad located at the gate
  • Using the Fire Department Knox key at the gate.
  • The responding Fire Engine using a remote device from inside their vehicle.
  • It cannot be opened remotely from any other location at this time.

This gate may be used by Fire Engines responding to emergencies if it provides a faster route to the incident location.  It can also be used during an area evacuation.  If evacuation managers determine that this route is needed to effectively evacuate residents it will be opened by Fire Department personnel.  In that case residents will receive an ACAlert notification advising them to use this route.  It is important to know that this gate/route may not always be utilized as it depends upon the nature and location of the threat.

Alameda County Public works is currently reaching out to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) to apprise them of the status of the gate and it will be up to ACSO to decide how they will utilize the Thurston gate.  Currently ACSO can request Hayward Fire Department to open the gate if they deem it necessary during one of their incidents.

We are now drafting the content for a mailer about evacuation planning and recent progress including this gate. We expect to have this in the mail soon.