Let’s get wildfire safe—Hayward, Fairview and Five Canyons

The Hayward Fire Department is preparing an important new education, assistance and
prevention program to improve wildfire safety in upland areas of Hayward, Fairview and the
Five Canyons communities ahead of the 2021 wildfire season.

A wildfire-safe Hayward, Fairview and Five Canyons—the areas served by the Hayward Fire
Department—is the ultimate long-term goal of the initiative, which will entail online community
instruction on vegetation management and related topics, a demonstration project, financial
support for property owners in need, free chipping services and evacuation drills.
In addition to vegetation management, the online community instruction series—tentatively
scheduled for March 29, April 19, May 10 and June 7—will cover topics such as wildlife and
ecosystem preservation, evacuation, and the big picture on wildfire safety in the wildland-
urban interface.

Evacuation drills for residents of upland areas of Hayward and the Fairview Fire Protection
District, including the Five Canyons communities, is tentatively scheduled to begin May 22.
To learn more about this opportunity to work with your neighbors and the Hayward Fire
Department toward a wildfire-safe community, including updates on meeting, training and drill
dates and times, and for information on how to participate online, visit the program webpage
here on the City of Hayward website, email hfd@hayward-ca.gov or call (510) 583-4930.