Hayward Hills and Five Canyons CERT Training

CERT Training – (Community Emergency Response Team)
Participants in CERT Training learn skills that will enable them to provide emergency assistance to their families and neighbors as well as organize a neighborhood response team in the event of a major disaster.  There is no charge for the course or materials.  The only cost incurred is the review and upgrade of your homes disaster supply kit in preparation for a disaster (food, water, tools & supplies).

CERT Training Courses consisting of 5 Classes are  available  to residents living within the Fairview Fire Protection District boundaries  (Fairview & Five Canyons).  They are scheduled and taught by Hayward Fire Department staff.  More info available at the following link: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) | City of Hayward – Official website

Code Red – Mass Notification System – Sign Up!
The Fairview Fire District in partnership with the City of Hayward uses a high-speed mass communications device that when you sign up, will automatically contact individuals or groups using multiple communication lines to call home, cellular and/or work telephones alerting participants in this free program.  (Please be sure to read this entire page to learn about Alameda County’s new AC ALERT system and subscribe to both).

Should a large scale emergency occur in your community or greater Bay Area, Fire Department personnel can notify participating residents in a matter of minutes. If phone lines are busy, the Code Red notification system will redial those numbers at a predetermined number of attempts to make contact. If an answering machine picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine.

Notifications will consist of incident specific information, personalized messages or life-saving instructions to the community. The Fire Department, with this program, also uses a desktop mapping interface or GIS (Geographic Information System), indicating street-level maps with phone data to notify selected areas, including homes, businesses, and schools of evacuations or ‘shelter-in- place’ alerts.

Alameda County has just implemented a similar system called AC ALERT.  CODE RED  delivers notifications from your Fire Department .  AC ALERT delivers notifications from  Sheriffs Department and other emergency managers in  County government.  You should  sign up for CODE RED and also  go to this link  AC ALERT  to learn  about Alameda County’s new system.  The Fairview Fire Protection District recommends you subscribe to BOTH systems so you can receive alerts from both your local Fire Department and the County Emergency Notification System.

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Courtesy Notice – Weed Abatement Reminder

The Fairview Fire Protection District (FFPD) has mailed out a friendly reminder this April 2016 to all Fairview Fire District property owners and residents so that arrangements can be made to have any necessary fire prevention work completed.

California wildfire season typically begins in the month of April and ends in the month of November. As a part of the Hayward Fire Department’s effort with the Fairview Fire District to prevent wildfires in the Hayward and Fairview hills areas, they will conduct “high fire hazard surveys” starting after May 20, 2016. Fire engine companies will look for high weeds, overgrown brush and dry vegetation conditions, which are conductive to wildfire spread.

Weed Abatement Reminder Letter (PDF)

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