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Message from the Fire Chief

Over the past few years California has experienced a dramatic rise in both the number and severity of wildland fires. These fires have ravaged wildland-urban interface areas taking lives, destroying homes and obliterating infrastructure. Six of the 20 largest fires in California’s recorded history have burned in the last five years and 10 of California’s most destructive wildfires have occurred since 2015.

The information in this booklet is designed to help you prepare your family, home and neighborhood for the approaching wildland fire season. The more prepared we are as a community the better we’ll be able to respond when conditions are right for a catastrophic fire in
our area.

Please heed the recommendations presented here; register your cell phones with the Alameda County Mass Notification System (AC Alert), prepare your home by removing excess fuel from around your structures and be ready to evacuate when wildfire threatens our area.

The City of Hayward is committed to keeping the Hayward and Fairview Fire Protection District communities safe. You can help by preparing now for the fire season ahead.


Garret Contreras
Fire Chief

Message from CERT

Thank you for reading this booklet and getting prepared for an evacuation. Whether it is a wildfire, earthquake or other disaster, you need to be ready to evacuate on short notice or, in some cases, to Shelter in Place. There is much more information on the City of Hayward Disaster Preparedness website listed below. You can find out more about how to prepare for a disaster and acquire critical skills by taking a series of free classes offered by the Hayward Fire Department, please visit or for more information and to sign up.

Don Nichelson
Public Education Officer

Hayward Fire Department

Program your cell with Hayward’s dispatch number 510-732-2626. Program your cell with

Alameda County Sheriff’s Dispatch number 510-667-7721.

Don’t rely on 911 from a cell phone.

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Read and Print this important Guide by going to this link: